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Little Chicago Arrives

Allegheny Productions is pleased to announce that it has teamed with producer/writer Carl Veno and director Mike Schaertl in producing a full-length feature film entitled Little Chicago.

The film is based on events that took place in Olean, NY, in the 1920’s during the height of the Prohibition era. Located about 75 miles south of Buffalo, NY, and 15 miles east of Bradford, PA, Olean became a mecca for bootleg whiskey, that came across the Canadian border into Niagara Falls, then on to “Little Chicago.” Like a giant conglomerate, the illegal booze racket ran wild. Speakeasies saturated the landscape, small-time hoods battled for power and Wild-West style gang wars raged in the small towns of western New York and northern Pennsylvania.

The central character of the film is Al Ritchie, an ex-boxer and small-time thug who was given a gold badge by the local district attorney and ran a successful bootleg operation.

The movie is based on the true story described in a chapter of the book, Invisible Ink, authored by Carl Veno.


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