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Allegheny Productions welcomes new client relationship with Pittsburgh Steelers Psychologist Doctor George Pappas of Hartwood Wellness Clinic in Pittsburgh!  Read more below...

Allegheny Productions welcomes new client Aspex Corp with an overview of their Portable Scanning Electron Microscope! Read more below...

Allegheny Productions welcomes new client AspexCorp with an overview of their Portable Scanning Electron Microscope

Allegheny Productions welcomes new client relationship with Doctor George Pappas of Pittsburgh!

Allegheny Productions just completed a website with numerous videos for Dr. George Pappas of Pittsburgh's Hartwood Wellness Center. Dr. Pappas is noted for his work in psychology and hypnosis and has worked with many nationally known athletes and personalities, including Ryan Clark and Jeff Reed of the Pittsburgh Steelers, NBA Star Dejuan Blair of the San Antonio Spurs, and boxer Monty Mezaclay.

Allegheny Productions announces new client relationship with Total Piping Solutions

Allegheny Productions just completed a 22 minute video for Total Piping Solutions of Olean, New York.  The video is a complete corporate overview of the company, which specializes in innovative and efficient pipe joining and repair systems.  You can visit their website or call them at (716) 372-0160.

Allegheny Productions, helping BcPac, reaches $200,000 mark in community service!

Allegheny Productions just completed a 60 second television commercial for the Bradford Creative and Performing Arts Center, otherwise nicknamed as "back pack".  The non-profit organization designed to promote the arts in the Bradford, Pennsylvania community is sponsoring a Pittsburgh area troupe called "The Squonk Opera" and a custom comedy show "The Bradford Opera" which will be presented twice on May 30, 2009 at 2 and 7:30 PM respectively. The Bradford Opera is an off-the-wall look at the city’s history. Six professional musician/performers will join the members of the Bradford “movement” groups on stage to tell the story of Bradford – its past, present and future – in a unique 90 minutes of local multi-media history in the making. For tickets, call (814) 362-2522 or click here.

Allegheny Productions has for over 23 years continued a strong relationship with Bradford and surrounding communities through many sponsorships or projects with the March of Dimes, Salvation Army, United Way and many other organizations.

Congratulations to the team at APVideo for winning it's Eighth Telly Award!

Allegheny Productions and W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. congratulate the creative team for winning a Bronze Telly Award for the Brooks And Dunn "Making A Case For America" video produced by Allegheny recently for the one hundred and twenty year old Cutlery Manufacturer, based in Bradford, PA.  John Russell Case, who named the company after his father, William Russell ("W.R."), formed W.R. Case & Sons as it is known today. By the time the company moved to Bradford, PA in 1905, the four Case brothers had established their brands.

Beginning with World War I, the government has called upon Case to make military knives for U.S. servicemen and women including the USMC's Ka-bar knife and the V-42 combat knife for the Devil's Brigade. During the 1965 flight of the “Molly Brown,” astronauts Gus Grissom and John Young used special Case knives on a NASA space mission. Former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, former racecar driver Richard Petty and country music star Randy Travis are some of Case’s more famous advocates.

Brooks & Dunn, established in 1991, is one of the most successful country music acts in the world, with their first four singles all reaching the top of the U.S. Billboard country music charts. Their debut album, Brand New Man, was released the same year and was certified 6 times platinum by the RIAA.  Brooks & Dunn have had more than forty singles on the country music charts, twenty of which have reached number one.

You can view the winning video at caseforamerica.com.

Allegheny Productions helps Pittsburgh's Dollar Energy Fund Campaign!

Apvideo celebrates the completion of an animation for the Dollar Energy Fund.  Working in conjunction with the William J. Green Agency, Allegheny Productions created a 30 second promo that will aid the efforts of the non-profit agency which provides energy assistance to Pittsburgh families and individuals in need.  It's an exciting program!  You can view the video here.
Allegheny Productions congratulates “Street Magic Doowop” on the launch of their new website!

Apvideo's team worked with the Boston based musical group Street Magic Doowop to create a great new and user friendly website to showcase the band. The site features an archive of video and audio clips, bios of all five singers, an up to date calendar of upcoming shows, and a link to their CD,  North End Nights.
Little Chicago Arrives

Allegheny Productions is pleased to announce that it has teamed with producer/writer
Composite Sleeve Manufacturer Seeks New Markets

Allegheny Productions recently created a website for Crosslink Composites, LLC. read more...

Allegheny Productions has won two more Telly Awards for their production of “Welcome To Bradford Forest Products.”

The video was contracted by Bradford Forest, a Division of the Danzer Group, and is currently used by Bradford Forest Products to promote the company’s products and services.   The Telly Award was announced in June of 2007 and is part of the 28th Annual Telly Awards roster.  The categories won were in

Allegheny Productions congratulates the City of Pittsburgh for the “Pittsburgh Celebrates Glass” and the Pittsburgh Festival Of Lights event going on all the month of June until July 1, 2007.

People will see downtown Pittsburgh in a whole new light during the region’s premier Pittsburgh Festival of Lights when buildings are transformed into giant canvasses filled with rich colors, shapes and textures.

Executive Producer of ARTLUMIERE, Lucette de Rugy and designer read more...

Allegheny Productions/APVideo.com welcomes Automated Security Alert as a client in the Pittsburgh Region.

In business since 1988, ASA is a leading provider of emergency alert systems in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and surgery centers, as well as thousands of homes nationwide. Company management has asked us to produce a new website to better promote its ASAMate wireless alert system to the home-user market. The launching of the new website is the initial step in the company’s marketing campaign directed at this ever-growing target market.

Strategic Planning: December 06

Ever started out on a day trip, looked at the map, got a basic idea of the route you were going to take, only to get totally lost, having to pull over and ask for directions? This is what moving into the New Year without a strategic plan can be like, but with greater consequences. You have a basic idea of what you read more...
Allegheny Productions welcomes Theotherapy Seminars Inc.

As a new client for the production of web design, training presentations and other APVIDEO services. We are also proud to be working with this twenty five year old organization in their mission to bring help to the inmate population within our prison systems. Theotherapy is purposed on bringing healing to the incarcerated. Congratulations Theotherapy on your work in a most important cause, and welcome aboard.



The Importance of Networking

Staff Writer

We attended a conference several weeks ago in which were gathered a number of other professionals engaged in providing audio-visual services and web site production to organizations in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. During breaks, as well as through lunch, we had occasion to meet and discuss business opportunities, as well as the latest in technical advances, with other attendees. Put simply, this “networking” was as important as the actual conference proceedings.

So, why are we discussing networking here? Fact is, when you produce an audio-visual presentation or a new or revised website, you are attempting to network, not with the peers in your industry, but, more importantly, with those customers and prospects who drive your business. Through these media, you are providing your customers and prospects with an opportunity to network with you, perhaps to learn how to engage in new business opportunities or to become aware of the latest and best technical advances that your firm has to offer.

At Allegheny Productions, we are experts in providing you with the right “tools” to network with your customers and prospects, be it a video production, a new or revised website or, perhaps, web-based training to instruct your employees on how to better network with your customers.

Give us a call today or email us to learn how we can help you become a better network.


The Value Of Multimedia Presentations

Staff Writer

Why use multi-media in your quest to further your mission or goals in finding new customers to buy your product or engage your services? Let’s see if we can identify just a few reasons that justify what some people think up front to be an expensive undertaking.

For one, when you hire a new employee there is no doubt a considerable investment of time and resources to bring them up to speed with their objectives and goals that ultimately will result in a positive outcome for any organization. Then, if the individual successfully moves through the probationary period, hopefully they are on their way.

Now consider the dollars invested, from here there is constant monitoring of performance and progress. Surely there will be sick days, personnel days and holidays when there is little to no productivity. We could go on but you know the drill. In addition there are many factors outside of these, to mention a few like the rising cost of health insurance, taxes and other expenses. Contrast that with the notion of investing the right amount of dollars necessary to launch an effective media campaign, whether it is a sales piece, a company overview or even an internal training module to promote company culture or improve skills. A media presentation never takes a day off. It works when others are not, and monitoring success is easily tracked. It helps to pre qualify potential consumers where an individual may not be easily reachable. Plan and simple it opens doors in places some people may not. The hardest part is making the commitment to begin the process. The rest can not only be an enjoyable and rewarding experience personally and financially, but also eye opening, as it helps to hone an organizations message and almost always when implemented properly gains the excitement and enthusiasm from existing staff. They get involved and look forward to having the tools to help them open doors, relay important messages, and ultimately result in furthering your organizations bottom line goals. Call us and set up a consultation to outline the ways in which this exciting growing medium can be of assistance to you and your colleagues.


What is Brand Amplification?

Staff Writer

Brand amplification is simply taking a product line and increasing not only its visibility but viability through the use of language and descriptive text carefully designed to attract and hold the potential buyer’s interest.

Sometimes, it is

Apvideo Welcomes Kinley Corporation Family of Companies. 
Pittsburgh Exceeds Expectations

Allegheny Productions-apvideo.com’s expansion into the Pittsburgh market has exceeded expectations, adding many new clients.  Swiftly gaining ground in this technology friendly town of 2 million people, the Pittsburgh office opened in January 2005.  Way to go, Pittsburgh! Thanks for the warm welcome.

In Pittsburgh call: 412.687.0770
Extra Eye On Operations: SMART-WATCH SYSTEMS

It only makes sense working with industrial clients for 20 years, and with today’s technology, that we now offer management the ability to watch operations from anywhere on Earth. It is always a plus to have the ability to observe operations in a plant or office environment from any location for security or general accountability.  With our custom installed multi-camera systems, you can observe activities directly through an internet connection.  With our APVideo SmartWatch system you can opt for 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 camera setups that will allow you to watch your operations from anywhere.  

A few benefits:

In case there is an accident or incident, you have a record of what happened at any given location.  Also, this     provides excellent protection against theft.

Accountability:  Find out what employees and other personnel are doing on company time. Make sure your  workforce is     working.
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