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5 page HTML website with up to 5 GB bandwidth, one GB email address and free hosting for one year just $599.  Get a professional web presence for less than a cup of coffee a day!

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In today’s business world, every organization is in need of a website!

To be successful, businesses need sites that bring customers and clients by shining a brilliant light on the information they deliver, especially in an economy where every contact counts! At Allegheny Productions we believed it to be important enough to create a separate identity, "APWebworks". We also believe that there is a level of web development for every company and every client. We believe web design should enhance commerce, cash flow and or mission, within your budget and on time.

No organization is too small to build quality into their site.

Not every web designing company is created equal and not every created site is worthy of ranking among search engines. We coordinate specialists into a collaborative effort, as a team, regardless of whether your site is 4 pages or 400 pages . . . Satisfaction is guaranteed.

An introduction to a few of our sites is a good start! You’ll begin by viewing our work, followed by a free consultation, at no cost to you.

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There is no doubt that the web has advanced enormously in the last decade and good designers and their sites must advance with it. Your site must include Web Design features that incorporate powerful aspects of text and imaging.

Viewers require visual satisfaction. A site must be entertaining while portraying informative content. You want your site to be state-of-the-art and still maintain audience appeal . . . through basic hands-on work with our clients, we achieve this balance.

To reach a targeted audience, all the elements -- messages, graphics, design and flow --must be mastered. One of Allegheny Productions’ primary strengths is its rare combination of creative talent and technical resources under one roof.

At Allegheny, we build simple, elegant, useful web sites that display your message in a clear and concise way.  

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