Extra Eye On Operations: SMART-WATCH SYSTEMS
It only makes sense working with industrial clients for 20 years, and with today’s technology, that we now offer management the ability to watch operations from anywhere on Earth. It is always a plus to have the ability to observe operations in a plant or office environment from any location for security or general accountability.  With our custom installed multi-camera systems, you can observe activities directly through an internet connection.  With our APVideo SmartWatch system you can opt for 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 camera setups that will allow you to watch your operations from anywhere.

A few benefits:
In case there is an accident or incident, you have a record of what happened at any given     location.  Also, this provides excellent protection against theft.

Accountability:  Find out what employees and other personnel are doing on company time.      Make sure your workforce is working.

Systems deliver clearer video recordings and have many features at a third the cost of other security camera systems.
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