In today’s world, management continually encounters change.  Success can literally depend on the ability to adapt to ever changing markets and ways of presenting information.  Customer needs, rising costs in operations, and especially important, the competitive results of technological innovations, demand that information be communicated effectively.

To stay competitive, information must flow quickly and effectively among all levels of management, staff, marketing representatives, and ultimately the customer.  The days of written memos, printed training manuals and
programs are being replaced with interactive visual presentations.
At Allegheny Productions, we produce messages that are powerful, informative, decisive yet entertaining.  We believe each message and its components must be unique and create a specific theme developed in ways that spark the emotions and excite the visual vocabulary of the targeted audience.  For example, we created a "ditch" right in the studio!
DPS Velocity is the ultimate real time non-linear editing system for digital video and content creation professionals.
DPS Velocity delivers faster, sharper and easier edits. Whether creating content for broadcast, videotape, CD-ROM, DVD or the web, we feel from our experience, dpsVelocity is the best choice for creativity, versatility, power and speed.  We have two dpsVelocity systems set up in two unique editing suites.
Enhanced dpsVelocity audio features provide real time volume, pan and EQ control for eight channels (four stereo pairs) of synchronized audio.
Creation of high quality streaming video files for the web is handled easily from the timeline. Simply choose the file format you want to output, specify the desired size and compression settings, and let dpsVelocity do the work for you. MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-3, MPEG-4, RealNetworks RealVideo™ , Microsoft Windows Media ™ , AVI and QuickTime ™ formats are all supported.

We also are experts in converting all video to flash for the web.  This month only, we're running a special.  Email or call for special rate on converting your video to the web!

Live video from a camera or deck can be combined in real-time with titles, transitions, and previously captured clips, and streamed live to the Internet.   At Allegheny Productions, we are prepared to give your production superior, broadcast quality using the latest in technology, award-winning professionalism and creativity at competitive cost.

Watch one of our award winning videos!

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