Allegheny Productions can help you teach your target audience through an effective Web-based Training Program that is easy to access and track.  Web-based training offers advantages over traditional instructor-led training.  Done well, advantages of Web-based training include:
Standardized training ensuring a consistent message  across the     corporation.

Decreased time employees are away from their jobs.
Greater adaptability for different audiences (unlike print-based material).
Greater flexibility for changes and updates
Training is more convenient for employees -- it is anytime, anywhere.
Just in time training means no waiting for a classroom scheduling.
Training is available to desktops around the world.
Savings on travel expenses, instructors/trainers, classroom facilities and distribution

Allegheny Productions can put together a system that will effectively describe your message and/or program in a way that will maintain the interest of your clients while making sure they understand the program fully.  Communication is always the most important aspect of any product or service to be effective, and Allegheny Productions excels at creating materials that will get the message across accurately and effectively.


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