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What is Brand Amplification?

Staff Writer

Brand amplification is simply taking a product line and increasing not only its visibility but viability through the use of language and descriptive text carefully designed to attract and hold the potential buyer’s interest.

Sometimes, it is through the use of a keyword, such as “It” for Ebay, and sometimes it can be an icon, such as the gecko icon used by the Geico Insurance Company, designed first as a humorous “mistaken identity” concept. In two fell swoops, the insurance carrier capitalized on humor and the creative use of a mascot for their company, the Geico Gecko. The icon is so saturated into popular culture that it is instantly recognized.

Ebay already has a huge presence in the culture to the point of the concept itself becoming a part of our lexicon. Their new “It” campaign not only uses the word to promote the idea of being able to find “it” on their website, but they actually created a commercial where the word itself is shaped into various objects.

These two campaigns are great examples of what can be done with a product or service that reaches a wide audience. The ability to promote a concept that uses visual means is extremely important. Television is already a huge part of our culture, and commercials have taken their place as well. Society attributes commercials for how they communicate the necessity and “coolness” of a product to such a degree that they become part of pop culture.

A message about your product or service should be marketed with a catchy script, striking and rapid visuals. Today’s audience has such a short attention span, they have to be dazzled in 30 seconds or less. A catchy jingle has to appeal to a targeted demographic to get the most exposure. And, naturally, it must convey a clear reason why your product or service must exceed all the rest in importance. There also has to be balance in your promotional efforts. Too much gloss or flash and your message can get “lost.” It’s important to work with a marketing/communications firm that can take your message and massage it into something the audience will devour. You want to be able to reach your target audience in a way that they will never forget your message. Allegheny Productions will get your message out in a way that will please as well as properly inform your potential customers. Get your “it” to the public. We’ll help you make “it” happen!


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