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Strategic Planning: December 06

Ever started out on a day trip, looked at the map, got a basic idea of the route you were going to take, only to get totally lost, having to pull over and ask for directions? This is what moving into the New Year without a strategic plan can be like, but with greater consequences. You have a basic idea of what you want to do, but your final destination can get lost in not having the details. A strategic plan not only determines your route for success in the coming year, it sets milestones or landmarks for reaching your target. It also lets staff and associates clearly understand your organization’s mission and objectives.

Communicating those goals are as important as setting them. Everyone needs to be familiar with the same map. The use of video can be an integral part of communicating those goals to management and staff. It keeps everyone informed as to the route and any detours needed to reach your year-end goals.

And, keep in mind, just as important as it is to communicate this information to your internal customers, don’t forget your external customers. After all, they provide the fuel to keep you on your journey. Communicating the right message to them is as important to your success as opening your doors in the morning. There are numerous tools available on the Internet such as those found at to assist in developing a good strategic plan. We wish you all the success in the New Year and want to be there to help further your mission with any of the many services APVIDEO can provide.


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