1. Write a personalized query letter to us. You’ll want to include information about your script and what makes it similar to scripts currently being filmed. Address the letter to the head of studio development, John Anast.

2. Create a script breakdown. Condense your script into an easy to read one page manuscript. This gives us an idea of the plot. The script should also contain a hook or special idea that makes the reader know the project is something different and unique. Keep in mind that the first minute or two of your script (first 1-4 pages) need to grab the viewer's attention enough to keep their attention through to the end of the story. So, send no more than 4 pages of your actual script along with the summary breakdown.

3. Include everything in a large envelope and include a separate stamped envelope with the correct postage. This gives us a way to contact you once we’ve received the script breakdown. You should also take a few moments to ensure that your handwriting is legible so that it gets to us.

  Send to: John Anast
                Allegheny Productions
                28 Main St. Dept. SS
                Bradford, PA 16701-2018